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me and kids july 2014

About the Site

Reinventing the mommyhood was conceived as a tool for me to reinvent myself (and to fulfill therapeutic goals). As a recovering depressionist, I came to the realization that after two children and a lot of life-learning I am not, cannot, and do not want to be the same person I was pre-children. But if that identity is now smoldering in my past; what, or rather who, is my future? I am still figuring bits and pieces out about what I truly believe, desire and love. But my main goal is to squash this life sucking depression out of my being by filling my every day with deliberate beauty and relishing in all that I create, and of course sharing it all with you. This site is to be filled with all things that bring beauty into my life, primarily: my family, good food, simplistic living, recreation and education.

About Heather

I am a part-time outdoorest suburban dweller, turned tree-hugging adventure-seeking minimalist.  Since 2006 I have been forging my path through life with my husband Kyle at my side. In 2010 we welcomed our first baby Kacen into the world and in 2012 his sister, Andie, made her debut.  The majority of my day is filled with household “duties” and educating myself on how to become a better mother and teacher for my two wonderful children. I am an advocate for teaching children how to play so mothers (and fathers) can have “me/we” time during the day. It has become important to me that I no longer closet the hobbies that bring me light and joy. I want to live who I want to be so that my children have a whole being as a mother not half of a person wearing an apron. To read more about my story why I started my blog and my battle with depression read this post.

About You

I began writing blogs primarily for my own well-being but soon realized that many of my family and friends were passing my site along to others suffering from depression or feelings of inadequacy. I hope that my site can bring you light and joy, I hope you leave my site feeling inspired to take steps to create a beautiful life that makes you feel whole. Please laugh, cry and grow with us and especially share your stories with us, this is the Mommyhood a place for us all. Our lives are constantly changing we are all growing and learning, I hope you stick around to see what changes our life brings.

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