I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

My mother-in-law recently found a show that we absolutely LOVE, Flea Market Flip. Teams compete to find items at a flea market then re-do them and sell them for a profit. Today was my first day going to my farmers market and flea market since I found this show, and you know I had to go check out all of the non-food vendors. Discovering my home decor style is something that I really want to do. You know how people say you should surround yourself with things that make you happy? Well I want to do that, I want to start collecting things that really make me happy. Lucky me, I found this cool antique folding chair that I love.

It was priced at $14 but, I hope you know, you never pay what it is priced for. I haggle for anything and everything. So I said, “The folding chair up there, can we work on the price? I have $10 of birthday money in my pocket, but really want that chair.” Without a word the man walked to chair took the price tag off, folded it up and handed to me! SCORE!

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