Shopping Mishap

Today I went grocery shopping, it took way longer than I planned, as usual. After shopping Andie and I headed out the car I put all the groceries in the trunk oh and for some odd reason I put my purse in there too. Yep real thinker here. Shut the trunk with keys in the purse. Ah dang! I had to run into the store, wait in line behind three people at the customer service desk to use the phone. All the while just thinking about my poor Dryers Vanilla Bean and Samoa ice creams sitting the trunk being baked in the 80 degree weather. Augggh. When it was finally my turn to make a request they gave me the phone and….I could not remember Kyle’s phone number. Curse the cell phone era, it is completely unnecessary for me to remember his number right? it is tucked away safely in my phone, which at the moment is tucked away safely in my trunk, ugh curse.  Using all of the brain capacity I could, miracuoulsy my fingers remember which numbers to press and he came to rescue us. After second dinner (11:00 p.m.) of flatbread crackers I dug into my icecream straight from the container, looks like no harm was done to my sweetie.

I totally had to eat way more of that than I wanted to to get a semi decent selfy. Also two years ago when we moved in with the in-laws I was so annoyed with their eating straight from the ice cream carton. Well I guess if you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

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