Greek Food Bazaar

When we were children my parents loved taking us to cultural events. Some of these events have been to see the spiritual practices of other religions. Our yearly favorite was the Sri Sri Radha Krishna celebration, just seeing so many people express their faith and come to celebrate life and culture was so enlivening. I have grown up as, and am still a practicing Mormon but I love learning about all faiths and religions. So when on my busy day of running errands I saw the Greek Food Bazaar at the local Greek Orthodox Church I decided to take a break from our busy day and swing my kids over to see something new.

IMG_0404 Their church building was so beautiful, especially with all of the iconography inside.

IMG_0399If I would have had reinforcements with the two wild monkeys on the bottom left, I would have loved to sit through a guided tour and explanation of their religious ceremonies. But I did gather many bits and pieces of the societal aspect while I waited in line for 45 minutes to get into the food court. Many times I felt like I was on the set for My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the people all looked so Greek, I just loved how they wore their culture in their features, it was so wonderful.

IMG_0394Check out these yummy pastries, I bought some baklava (of course, who wouldn’t?), koulourakia (butter twists), Kataifi (a shredded phyllo baklava) and ahhhh mouthwatering so delicious want them in my belly now Loukoumades (deep fried bread dough slathered in honey) oohhh man sooo good, like I want 20 more right now.

I have always wanted to try a nice Moussaka (eggplant and meat lasagna of sorts), Pastitsio (pasta, meat and beshamel bake) and Spanakopita (spinach ad feta pie), however with the new diet I was off meat and dairy, though I did try the spanakopita and the pastries, which I am sure were slathered in butter.

IMG_0405I also bought Ky a dolmathakia (rice and meat stuffed grapeleaf). Dude that was such good food. I love trying new foods and was so thrilled to take my children to see that beautiful church and interact with some many people who were celebrating their culture.

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