When Children Sleep

Dude, I love my kids. But being a mom is so tiring! My newlywed sister in-law and brother in-law were asked to baby sit some friends kids for four days. My sis has zero kids, our friends have six! Please read the following texts sent on different days:

“How the crap do you parents do all this stuff? I’ve been up since 6:40 and even though they are literally the easiest kids I’ve ever met, I’m exhausted. Lol”

“Dude for reals….I feel like I’m blown away by mothers right now, haha. I have mondo respect for you man. So crazy.”

Yeah I know, we do deserve “mondo respect.” What we do is freaking hard EVERY SINGLE DAY. I know so many women who hold this mantle of motherhood much more gracefully than I do but even with my mantle swaying and wobbling I am still holding on, mostly.

But I do have to admit, I live for the naps guys. Nap time is awesome! Bed time is awesome!

My kids are car sleepers and I love it! We get in the car, they do this:


Then mam pops on her NPR podcasts, yep I am that cool.

However napping in the car goes awfully awry when you get home late from a fiesta and go to pull the little one out of the car and you end up picking this sleeping beauty up.


Laughing Kyle says, “I swear I only gave her one tiny piece of chocolate.” riiiiight.

I don’t know how she made a mess that huge with one piece of chocolate but it was pretty funny. Still though I really love my kids when they are sleeping, messes or not.

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