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A Boy Turns 6

Man, we are so lucky to have this little Kaceroo in our lives!IMG_0798 He is adventurous, and sweet and silly and sensitive all wrapped into one adorable package. He is quick to give loves and quick to smile and play. This year he has worked so hard on being a friend to his sister. And he is even excited for his new little sister to join our family soon.

He had many other firsts this year.

First Father and Son camp out, including hatchet throwing.IMG_0362Learning to ride a two-wheeler bike. DSC_0551Learning to swim underwater across the pool all on his own. DSC_0159

First day of kindergarten and riding the “big kid bus.”IMG_1150

We really do just love this boy so much. And we are so proud of how well he has done with year. He is learning to read and write and do math. He also has a major knack for music, so for his birthday we gave him piano lessons and we are very excited to see how he does.

For his birthday day he requested a Plants vs Zombie themed birthday, which I completed with a zombie cake, zombie hunting (shooting balloons with nerf guns), and pin the cone had on the zombie head.

cake 2 cake pin the cone zombie hunt

He and his friends had a wonderful time. And we were so happy to help him celebrate his special day.  And also can I just note how generous parents are these days, all of his friends brought him the nicest gifts, he felt so special and I was just floored at the generosity of others. It was a really fun day.

We are so lucky to have this little guy in our family.