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K’Leena’s Story Part 3: Hurrican Coming and Help is on it’s way!

Sorry it took so long to get more out but here is the third installment of my sister’s pregnancy/birth/new mom story. To read part two or one click here or here

Hurrican Coming and Pregnant, Help is on it’s way!
I was now 5 months pregnant and living in a strange new place called New England.  I prayed for help to be able to find some doctors who would be able to help me manage the pain of the cysts and deliver my baby.  Through a series of different outlets I found myself walking into Dr. Hancock’s office.  I did not know it at the time but Dr. Hancock just happened to specialize in ovarian cysts, although he had not seen cysts as big as mine in a pregnant women, ever, he assured me that I was in the right place at the right time.  A peace came over me and for the first time in my pregnancy I allowed myself to believe that I would not lose the baby.

Time went by and I tried to do the best I could.  Which was typically this:  I only went up our stairs to get outside once a day if I even did that.  I stopped doing housework.  As soon as Emily came home from school I would put a movie(s) on for her until Ryan came home from work.  (Thank goodness the school program Emily was enrolled in at that time was full-days every day of the week.)  I played the Ipad to take my mind off the pain.  I read a lot of books to do the same.  I continued to try to attend church every week but it usually came down to me only making it about twice a month. Also I stopped cooking meals or shopping, so the women’s organization at our church, the Relief Society, was bringing in meals twice a week if not more.  And when Ryan was not home Emily stepped up and was really good about getting me water and bread.  I really don’t know what I would have done without her; she is such a sweet girl and took good care of me.  And that is how life went until I was 7 months pregnant.

At that time my sister and her family came to stay at our house overnight on their way home from visiting my parents in Maine.  When they were getting ready to leave the next morning I lost it.  The pain by this point was so much that all I literally could do was get out of my bed (with help from Ryan) make it to my chair and not move again until bedtime that night.  I would cry if I had to go to the bathroom which was about a 7 foot walk away from my chair.  It took everything I had to make it to the bathroom and back to my chair and that was with help.  I would have to hold it if Ryan was not home to help me because I could not make it on my own.  I was on heavy medications at this time but the pain was so bad that all the narcotics were doing were taking the edge of the pain so I would not cry non-stop all day every day.  When my sister saw my condition she asked me if I needed any help.

Help was exactly what I needed.  Stupid of me, I thought I was dealing was dealing with life just fine, until she asked me and I realized how much I did need help.  So Heather being the sweetheart that she is sent her dear husband Kyle home alone and stayed with her two kids (Kacen, age 2 and Andie, age 3 months) to take care of me and my family.  Needless to say it was very difficult for her but I was and will always be very grateful for Heather’s help during this difficult time in my life.  Heather doing her sisterly duties at this time alerted my family about my condition, which in turn started a chain reaction of help and concern.  One thing I love about my family is that they truly care and are willing to doing whatever they need to do to take care of one another.

Heather had figured she could probably stay only about 2 weeks with me because she needed to get home to take care of some business.  She had arranged with my dad to come down and stay with me after that until I no longer needed any help.  Well the pressure was building Kacen and Emily were not playing well together and Heather being a new mom was basically not getting any sleep or rest.  She was a trooper but on top of all that was going in our house a Hurricane was coming.  With the threat of the Hurricane Heather decided she needed to leave early and get home as soon as possible.  So my dad dropped everything and left as soon as he could that day but he had a 6 hour drive ahead of him in bad weather.  And unfortunately since Heather sent Kyle home alone she did not have car so her only way home was to have Ryan drive her half way where she was planning on meeting up with Kyle, which left me home alone with the threat of a Hurricane looming down on New England.

I knew that if it got bad there was going to be nothing I could do to save myself expect pray for help.  Luckily nothing happened to our house and Ryan and my dad both arrived within minutes of one another back to house safely and we were able to weather the storm with no damage. The power only went out for a minute.  All was well for now.

My dad was a big help and went with me to all my doctor appointments and took me outside and shopping.  He would get me a wheelchair to ride in wherever we went and would push me around where I wanted to go.  It was so nice to be able to get outside again. Then we went for my regular OB checkup and noticing that the pain had increased dramatically since my last visit they decided to do an ultrasound to see if anything had changed.  It was exciting for my dad to get to see the baby.  When the ultrasound tech left the room to get the doctor my dad asked me where the cyst was because he could not see it very well.  I showed him. Basically it was taking up the entire screen and going into the next screen that is why he could not tell.  It was huge.  I knew at this point that it was not good.  The doctor had told me before that everything would be fine as long the cyst stayed at 8cm and did not get any larger than that, well this was measuring well beyond 8cm.  In fact it was too large for the tech to even measure it.  And just like that a fast paced whirlwind of commotion started.

K’Leena’s Story Part 2: Journey to Connecticut

If you missed Part 1 of my sister’s story you can read it here enjoy Part 2 :)

Journey to Connecticut 
Ryan’s company gave us 2 weeks to prepare before we needed to be in Connecticut.   2 Weeks!  We had so many things to take care of and my weakened body was in no condition to complete it all.  I relied on the Lord in all things.  I knew it was where He wanted us to be because every morning I would wake up with a plan of things I need to get done to help us on our move across the country.  I would look at my list, start at the top and pray for help and guidance to be able to take care of the task. And quickly I would be lead in the direction I needed to go and things were being handled.  Even though I was super sick during this time I was able to help get us on the path and take care of the things I needed to take care of.

Of course many many thanks goes out to all my family and friends that helped me along the way, I truly could not of done it without them.

And just like that after a whirlwind two weeks we found ourselves riding across the country in a moving truck facing the unknown future with optimism.  After about day 3 of driving I started to feel a lot of pain again.  It was very taxing on my body to make that drive.

Though we were moving to Connecticut our first stop was going to be at my little sisters, Heather’s, who was about to have a baby any day.  I was excited because of the timing and I was hoping I would be able to be there for her birth.  She was nervous because she really wanted to do a natural birth and wanted me to be there to couch her through it.  Well, we were somewhere in Nebraska when my sister called and said she was having strong contractions and would probably have the baby soon.  Ryan and I talked about it and thought maybe, just maybe, if we drive all night without stopping we could make it.  But the driving was extremely taxing on my body and I needed the overnight stops to be able to make it the next day.  So unfortunately that was not really something we could do.  Luckily, only a few hours later Heather called and she had delivered her beautiful baby girl all natural and did an awesome job without me there.  I was so proud of her.

Also during this time my parents were moving from Georgia to Maine.  So by the time I made it to my sisters house my dad was already there. And I was done traveling! I could not get back into the truck again.  When I saw my dad all I could do was cry on his shoulder.  I did not want to leave his arms.  It felt good to be with my dad and out of the moving truck.  I was in pain. I was sick.  I could not even hold my new beautiful niece because I was too weak and every movement hurt.  So I ended up staying for a week at her house.  While Ryan, my dad, and Ryan’s sister Autumn went to Hartford to move us in.

After helping us move in my dad went on to Maine.  And Ryan and his sister came back to Pennsylvania to get me and Emily.  Together we went on to Hartford and lived in a Hotel for 2 weeks until being able to move into a basement apartment in South Windsor. And finally I was able to sit down and not move for a while.

Finding Yourself as a Mother Through Cancer

My wonderful sister K’Leena found out last year that she was pregnant and at the same moment had a gigantic “ovarian cyst.” Read along this week as I share her story of becoming a mother and facing cancer. Also check out her awesome blog “K’Leena Creates” here.

My Normal Life?

I was forced to take a break from my blog and lets face it life all together because I found out I was pregnant and had ovarian cyst.  The cyst were very painful and being pregnant on top of that pain made it almost impossible to do very much in my life.  All my energy went into taking care of myself and my basic needs.  What energy I had left went to helping Emily and taking care of her.  At one point I could not even take care of myself let alone my 3 year old so I went to die on my in-laws couch, at least that is what it felt like.

Eventually I came off of the heavy narcotics that I was taking and could return home.  For about half a week I really thought I would make it.  My family came out to visit me and that was very nice, but still hopped up on so many drugs I was very limited as to what I could do.  On top of all of this the doctor kept telling me that I would most likely lose the baby I was carrying.

While my mom was visiting me she had a opportunity to get a great job in Maine, while she was busy interviewing and applying for this opportunity.  It was exciting times for our family.  I enjoyed having my family and especially my mother at my side to take care of me and comfort me in this time of need.  I told my husband that I would love to live closer to my family I need them at this time in my life.  After they left and went home my husband and I prayed about it and felt that we needed to move to Maine.

A few weeks after she returned home, back to Georgia my mother had gotten the job in Maine.  And I wanted to be close to them so I could have their support during this trying time in my life.  Ryan went to his supervisor and asked if there was any way we could move to Maine and he could continue to work for his company.  They came back and suggested Washington DC, I said No that I wanted to live in Maine by my parents.  They came back and said how about Hartford, CT.  I prayed about it and by lunch time that day I told my husband that Hartford, CT would work just fine.  After all it was only about 5 hours to my where my parents were going to be living in Maine and about 5 hours to where Heather lives in Pennsylvania.

That one decision started a whirl-wind of stuff happening so fast I could barely keep up.


A Little Busy

I’m not going anywhere but my precious two hours of Me Time” in the evenings are currently occupied else where. Like here for example,

I am working on Andie’s baby book and in order to take advantage of my free Shutterfly book, from our coke points, I need to finish it by the 16th. I am about halfway done with the book.

I also have a lesson to plan for church, and some grandparent packets I am working on, and general photo organization, blah blah blah.

So don’t give up on me. Look for a couple of posts in the next week or two, I’m still here just busy.

And in case you are wondering I had a horrible time leaving the library today, at one point I was in the car spanking my child as a man getting into his car looked at me as if he could see the crazy about to burst out of me. I hope he didn’t see me trying to force Kace into his seat too. Aye yie yie. Luckily that looked calmed me down and Kace eventually relaxed enough to get in his seat and cry for the next twenty minutes but we made it through the day. My friend told me that sometimes children just get that cortisol coursing through them and no matter what you do they can not calm down until their hormones are calm, hmm, who knew. 


Confession: My Kids Eat Off the Floor

Ky is a germ freak, working in an ER and training to be a nurse do not help his phobia of germs. I was never gonna be a germ freak, but after 7 years of marriage his phobias have somewhat rubbed off.

However, sometimes (like usually always), I let my kids eat food after it falls on floors that I wouldn’t eat off. It is so wrong I know. But don’t judge me too quickly because I do have some basic guidelines:

  • If my children are younger than a year I usually don’t let them eat floor-fallen food, but after a year it is fair game.
  • If the item is a moist food, watermelon for instance, usually it just goes in the garbage, but crackers and bread are a-o-k.
  • Grass, mulch, rocks and sand are all simply organic spaces, eating food that has touched those places is pretty much the same as gardening.

Places I should be ashamed of letting my kids eat food that has fallen on the floor but have totally let them and probably on multiple occasions: Costco, sidewalks (though this may contend for an organic space), places with cats and dogs and as the photo below depicts the World War Two Memorial in Washington DC.

I may be a sick-o in some books but I do confess, I let my kids eat off the floor.


Flea Market Find, Linen Napkins and Place Mats

I spotted these napkins at our flea market this weekend and I loved them right away. I have decided that mustard is definitely a favorite color lately. My surprise peaked when I got to them and counted 12. A full set!

The man running the booth asked if I was interested and I told him I was, but only brought a couple of bucks and probably couldn’t pay him what they were worth (both Ky and I thought the other had the cash but really neither of us brought much). He replied “They’re only a dollar.” My jaw dropped! I quickly whipped out a buck and thought I was only getting the napkins for that, I hadn’t actually noticed the cream place mats with navy birds, they aren’t an original set but the mats are pretty neat. The man gathered the box up and put the lid on then noticed the price sticker 75 cents!

I hope these make and appearance at our Thanksgiving table.

In case you were wondering, here are the differences between Cotton and Linen. Some things I never knew.

Difference Between Cotton and Linen

Quick Reference

• Both cotton and linen are vegetable fibers though coming from different plants. While cotton comes from cotton plant, linen is obtained from flax plant.
• Linen is finer, naturally “shiny,” and has more texture than cotton
• Linen requires more ironing and is more prone to wrinkles than cotton
• Cotton is more popular for bedding purposes
• Linen is more expensive than cotton

Detailed Explanations

Linen is a fine fabric that comes from a plant known as flax. The fibers of flax are one of the strongest vegetable fibers and they make linen that is a beautiful, refined and durable fabric. In fact, the fabric is so durable that table covers and napkins go on and on for generations. It is not just durability that linen is known for; it is one fabric that has extreme smoothness and a natural luster that enhances the beauty and elegance of bone china, candles and silver ware used on a dining table. This luster is long lasting and comes from a natural wax content of linen fabric. Natural linen is available in creamy and tan colors though it can be easily dyed in many colors that do not fade even after washing many times.
One disadvantage of linen is that it crushes easily which is why it is not a fabric to be used roughly or daily. Being costly, people keep clothing made of linen for use on ceremonies and functions. Like cotton, linen is highly absorbent and gives a cooling effect when worn in summers.
Cotton comes from cotton plant and mankind has known about the versatility of this wonderful fabric since ancient civilizations. Because it is natural, cotton is suitable for all skin types and is therefore grown in all parts of the world. Not just for clothing, cotton is also used for bed sheets, upholstery and curtains. Cotton fibers are separated from the seeds of cotton through a process called combing afterwards are spun to convert into threads that can be both knitted and woven to manufacture fabrics.
Cotton lends itself to be dyed in all sorts of colors to make beautiful fabrics. Cotton is very versatile and can be used to make sub varieties of fabrics such as corduroys, muslins, flannels etc. No wonder than cotton is referred to as fabric of life. Cotton is a must for use of toddlers and infants as they have very sensitive skins.