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Photos the World Missed

Well, because I have been an on-again off-again blogger there have been many things you have missed in our lives this winter. 
For starters, Ky and I went rock climbing! It was so fun! I only did five climbs and could not so much as giggle or clear my throat for a whole week without every muscle in my body aching! I am so out of shape.

Silly Andie Bear, loves to give kisses and pucker up.
Sometimes when I prep for lighting for a photo I use a creepy baby doll as a dummy.
Fun in the snow!

A morning spent learning about our local animals and fowls.
Plus ice cream on the drive home.

Family walks

Cousin fun!
A trip to Utah for my brother-in-law’s wedding.

Putting our sweet, mostly loved but sometimes disliked, dog Gus down.
Jumping in the bouncer
And playing it up outside

This Winter seems hesitant to be dethroned, not wanting Spring to enter in all her rain-filled glory. But I think if I close our winter now, and give it to you, my online friends, then Spring will come and we can finally start to warm our chilled bones.


Photo Club Catch Up

I got terribly behind on my photo club pictures but here are the last five weeks worth of photos. 
 Week 8: Work
This is my life’s work
Week 9: Play
I know this is a horrible picture but that blur right there is me crossing home plate. I can’t believe I scored for my team!
Week 10: Habit
I am in the habit of giving awkward smiles on the spot, much like the one below.
Week 11: Meal Time
Apparently the best place to have your meal is sitting on mom’s stomach while she tries to relax in the sun.
 Week 12: Story
Me and my youngest enjoying story time at the library.

Happier Than a Heather in a Doughnut Shop

I love doughnuts! Ky has learned over the years that I would prefer a dozen doughnuts to a dozen flowers any day. If you were to eat donuts from a box of donuts that I have bought it is quite likely that you would find a little note like the one below, written on the box.

I have a tendency of eating my doughnuts via dissection. So if you want to share a variety box of donuts with me, and I am paying, be ready for “Heather’s Doughnut Rules.” The rules are simple and goes as follows, you may not eat a whole doughnut, you might be able to eat most of one if I have already tasted it and determined that I do not like it. I do have some doughnut buying rationale, if I know I am buying for a crowd and my sole intention is to share with others not to gratify my own delights, I will buy only 3-4 varieties of doughnuts, that way I know I will be able to eat one of each and not feel left out of tasting something. So there ya go. I’m a freak! Haha but I is what I is.


Eye Exam

Dude, the eye doctor is the worst!
The dentist, I love the dentist, I actually go to the dentist as if it is the spa, I can sit there eyes closed, relaxing as my teeth are cleaned. No need to give answers, they look at the x-ray and fix the problems. The eye doctor is the most horrible of all selective procedures I endure. 
It is the examination of a life time.
You feel at every question that there is some right or wrong answer, but who really knows the answer?
And the people who work there must really get a kick out of their job, they make you do silly things like cover each eye and then sit there squinting with all your might to read the smallest type you can, missing like five letters in the process but trying to give the best guess you can because you don’t want to fail this exam after all. Then they have you remove your contacts and walk you around their building when you can see next to nothing, just to take you into a room where they blow in your eyes and tell you click the clicker when you see squiggling lines. I have two rambunctious kids I get hit in the head 20 times a day I nearly always see squiggly lines in my vision.
I have a mini panic attack each time I am asked “is one better or is two better?” Then you feel like a crazy person asking to see each again, and again and again because quite honestly you can’t really tell the difference. Then comes the eye drops. “We just want to dilate your eyes. “ They say. “Just a little sting.” She warns. “Just let that numb your eyeballs, so the real medicine won’t hurt!” She assures! All the time you sit there whimpering and wiping yellow liquid from your eyes.
After all is said and done, your eyes looks like some creepy carnivorous  animal ready to attack and are as sensitive as all get out, they send you out to look for glasses frames that look good on you. How can you possibly make such a selection after your mind has been badgered and your complexion is splotchy and your eyes are oozing yellow dye?
But I do have to say, it is not very often that I remove my glasses or contacts in an unfamiliar place, when I did I realized how poor my eyesight was, and what a miracle it is that there is such advanced technology that can correct my vision so I can see the world clearly. That is a blessing.   
I decided to go back at a later day to pick the frames, I was in no state of mind to make such a decision, but hopefully I can decide on something soon, Andie seems to have walked off with one pair and bent my other so severely that they were unable to repair them. Oh she is just adorable.

Photo Club Week Two: Routine

Bedtime Stories

For some noon may signal lunch time, for me it signals 6 hours of being awake and only 7 more hours before bed time. I wish I wasn’t but I am a total bed-time-count-downer. Maybe I should try a little harder to not look forward to bedtime so much this year.

Probably one of my favorite parts of our daily routine is bedtime stories. Kacen and Andie have finally taken to letting me read to them so it makes this time even more enjoyable. When Ky is home he loves to take part in this time with us so it really is some special family time. We aren’t much for tradition or routine but the routine of story, prayers and songs has been in place since nearly day one with Kace and I hope it continues as long as our children will take it. 


A Little Busy

I’m not going anywhere but my precious two hours of Me Time” in the evenings are currently occupied else where. Like here for example,

I am working on Andie’s baby book and in order to take advantage of my free Shutterfly book, from our coke points, I need to finish it by the 16th. I am about halfway done with the book.

I also have a lesson to plan for church, and some grandparent packets I am working on, and general photo organization, blah blah blah.

So don’t give up on me. Look for a couple of posts in the next week or two, I’m still here just busy.

And in case you are wondering I had a horrible time leaving the library today, at one point I was in the car spanking my child as a man getting into his car looked at me as if he could see the crazy about to burst out of me. I hope he didn’t see me trying to force Kace into his seat too. Aye yie yie. Luckily that looked calmed me down and Kace eventually relaxed enough to get in his seat and cry for the next twenty minutes but we made it through the day. My friend told me that sometimes children just get that cortisol coursing through them and no matter what you do they can not calm down until their hormones are calm, hmm, who knew. 


School is in Session

Alrighty summer break is over peeps time to get serious about this mommy business.
Long silence
Huge laugh
Ok that was just my way of saying thanks for enduring my vacation wrap up, all that probably should have just gone on my personal blog but I thought I owed you some evidence of my whereabouts during my blogging hiatus.

So now we are back on our game, get ready for stories of success, failure and laughter, confessions, fashion and thrifty finds. Hope you all got your wee ones out to school with no hiccups. We enrolled our Kacer in pre-school. I am so happy for him to go to school to help him developmentally, and socially, and with his speech, blah, blah, blah…really I am sooooo excited for four hours a week with just me and Andie Bear. That seems like and awful thing to feel or say but, eh. Kace rocks, and I spend loads of time with him and this little break will be the bomb. Alrighty check back tomorrow.

And because I have no applicable pictures, here are some pics of my kids throwing fits, haha, it happens way too often.


Take it Easy

Kacen stood next to the bed half listening to my rebuke of his behavior. I was carrying on about how sick I was of the incessant whining and, “You better shape up or you are just going to sit in your room in time out all day.” and “You are being a poor example to Andie.” (who by the way can throw a first class tantrum these days, body flailing, fake tears and screaming to boot.) Just when I thought he was completely checked out he looks at me real calm, raises his hand up near his head and while lowering them twice says “Easy. Easy.” What? I just started to laugh and gave him a big hug. It was too funny. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff but it sure is funny.

And life doesn’t get much easier than eating a chocolate chip cookie while lounging on the dog.


Crying Over Mowing

Andie and I meandered outside the other evening and saw my mother-in-law Valarie mowing the lawn. They bought this mower a couple of months ago and I have not really cared about it, I have had no desire to get outside and mow or to take a try on it just for the fun it. But that night I did, I thought,”Man I really want to learn to drive that thing, I can’t believe that I have let this experience pass me by.” Then I got all choked up, feeling excited over something as simple as learning to use the riding mower is such a foreign feeling to me lately that I felt so much happiness, hope and gratitude for the feelings of excitement, learning and hard work. Yup, I can sure be dorky sometimes but man I just wish I could just take you all into my body and feel the before and after, it is nuts.

Mowing the lawn with that thing is pretty fun and sort of relaxing. I feel super awesome adding a new skill to my repertoire.

Anyone else learned a new skill lately?


Father’s Day in the Hood

That guy right there is my Ky Ky. I think last year on his birthday or on Father’s Day I wrote something mushy about him on my personal blog and he didn’t really like it (you know me talking him up in public and all). So I will make this years tribute to my man less mushy.

Yo always up in here putting my threads through the ringer. You be buggin with the churinn. Never wasting paper on that bling and ice cuz yo know your boo straight up. Yo off the hinges always being easy about the books and the man. Friday night crunk’n to the beats is da’ bomb. You got me straight trippn’ boo.
Peace out,

Also I need help I am about to crazy up on blogger cuz every time I try to load a picture that is “portrait” you know longer vertical it changes it to be landscape and smooshes it all up! Any help here would be great, thanks.