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Photos the World Missed

Well, because I have been an on-again off-again blogger there have been many things you have missed in our lives this winter. 
For starters, Ky and I went rock climbing! It was so fun! I only did five climbs and could not so much as giggle or clear my throat for a whole week without every muscle in my body aching! I am so out of shape.

Silly Andie Bear, loves to give kisses and pucker up.
Sometimes when I prep for lighting for a photo I use a creepy baby doll as a dummy.
Fun in the snow!

A morning spent learning about our local animals and fowls.
Plus ice cream on the drive home.

Family walks

Cousin fun!
A trip to Utah for my brother-in-law’s wedding.

Putting our sweet, mostly loved but sometimes disliked, dog Gus down.
Jumping in the bouncer
And playing it up outside

This Winter seems hesitant to be dethroned, not wanting Spring to enter in all her rain-filled glory. But I think if I close our winter now, and give it to you, my online friends, then Spring will come and we can finally start to warm our chilled bones.


Photo Club Catch Up

I got terribly behind on my photo club pictures but here are the last five weeks worth of photos. 
 Week 8: Work
This is my life’s work
Week 9: Play
I know this is a horrible picture but that blur right there is me crossing home plate. I can’t believe I scored for my team!
Week 10: Habit
I am in the habit of giving awkward smiles on the spot, much like the one below.
Week 11: Meal Time
Apparently the best place to have your meal is sitting on mom’s stomach while she tries to relax in the sun.
 Week 12: Story
Me and my youngest enjoying story time at the library.

Photo Club Week Six: Stop Time

Oh man I have just been too busy the past week, sorry I didn’t get any other posts up. Hopefully next week will bring better luck with that. But I will sneak in my photo club picture of the week for you.

Stop Time, was a very hard concept for me. I really need to work on getting my creative juices flowing.

We have been having a really good winter for snow. Which means we are having a horrible time of school around here. Snow days left and right. But sometimes on these snow days it feels like time is stopping when I take a relaxing morning walk with the kids in the snow. I love observing how adventuresome my little Andie bear is and how excited Kacer is with simple things. I love the winter time and I am grateful I have taken the time to get out and play in the snow. 

Happy Valentines Day! Nothing too exciting happening around these parts, the Mr. is headed to work tonight so I get to spend a romantic evening with the kiddos.

Also have a good weekend.

Bonus: This was my runner-up for photo club this week. I sort like the angry scowl I have on, it is just something different for me. 


Photo Club Week 5: Good Morning

Good Morning

If I had it my way I would sleep in until 9:00 a.m. every morning, that is about perfect for me.

But as life currently stands I have a little cutie pie who wakes up every morning by 6:30 a.m. This has been our norm for quite a while now, so long in fact that my body now wakes up between 6:00 and 6:30 all on it’s own. Ugh. But if I have to be up at 6:30 on a cold snowy day at least I can have my hot cocoa to warm me up.

Oh and I totally forgot to put it on yesterdays post, but a huge prop goes out to my sister-in-law Amy who helped me out big time with the second baby shower cake. She pretty much rocks and I want everyone to know that. 


Photo Club Week Four: Home

One of the most exciting things about this photo club is the opportunity to really want to push myself to become better at photography. But this week, eh, I was actually a day over on my submission and was so rushed and hurried, that I didn’t think enough about a provoking picture.  And if I really want to become better I really ought to read my camera manual or watch some tutorials or something. However, in my defense there has been a lot going on over here, which I will share with yous later this week. 

All that aside, if home is where your heart is, with this little girly on my lap I am right at home :)

My thought was sort of take it in my kids room cuz I spend a lot of time in there, or ideally I would love to spend a lot of time in there, playing with them.  But this could just be any old room in the house the way I did it. Whatevs. 


Photo Club Week Three: Just You

Just You

You don’t really get much more “just me” than early in the morning. I remember as a teen having 9:00 a.m. church, seeing the young mothers in the ward and thinking, “Really? They really can’t just run a brush through their hair or put on a splash of make up? Is it really that hard to out yourself together every morning?”

Well I guess I am here to say, yeah, it is. I am at a point where I only brush my hair before I shower so I don’t pull half of it out, and I only shower when I can REALLY smell myself, and makeup, well that is reserved for special occasions like church and girls night out or maybe, just maybe, for date night. And by makeup I mean I try to cover up any blemishes and a quick brush of mascara.

Anyway this is how I rush out of the house every morning at 7:00 a.m. to get Kacen to his school bus. O-naturale. Just me and my thoughts.


Photo Club Week Two: Routine

Bedtime Stories

For some noon may signal lunch time, for me it signals 6 hours of being awake and only 7 more hours before bed time. I wish I wasn’t but I am a total bed-time-count-downer. Maybe I should try a little harder to not look forward to bedtime so much this year.

Probably one of my favorite parts of our daily routine is bedtime stories. Kacen and Andie have finally taken to letting me read to them so it makes this time even more enjoyable. When Ky is home he loves to take part in this time with us so it really is some special family time. We aren’t much for tradition or routine but the routine of story, prayers and songs has been in place since nearly day one with Kace and I hope it continues as long as our children will take it. 


Photography Club! Week One: Beginnings

Have you ever noticed that in most families their aren’t as many candid shots of mamas with their kids? I think often we take pictures of the things around us but we don’t always get timelocked into those photos and experiences. My sister-in-law joined a Facebook Photography Club aimed at changing this and invited me to join to. What we do is every week we post a photo based on the theme for that week, the only rule is you must be in the photo. So for 52 weeks I will be posting my submission.

Week One: Beginnings

My hubster got this fancy shmancy camera for our Christmas gift. My new beginning is learning how to use it.

Anyone else have a new beginning this year?