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Flea Market Find, Linen Napkins and Place Mats

I spotted these napkins at our flea market this weekend and I loved them right away. I have decided that mustard is definitely a favorite color lately. My surprise peaked when I got to them and counted 12. A full set!

The man running the booth asked if I was interested and I told him I was, but only brought a couple of bucks and probably couldn’t pay him what they were worth (both Ky and I thought the other had the cash but really neither of us brought much). He replied “They’re only a dollar.” My jaw dropped! I quickly whipped out a buck and thought I was only getting the napkins for that, I hadn’t actually noticed the cream place mats with navy birds, they aren’t an original set but the mats are pretty neat. The man gathered the box up and put the lid on then noticed the price sticker 75 cents!

I hope these make and appearance at our Thanksgiving table.

In case you were wondering, here are the differences between Cotton and Linen. Some things I never knew.

Difference Between Cotton and Linen

Quick Reference

• Both cotton and linen are vegetable fibers though coming from different plants. While cotton comes from cotton plant, linen is obtained from flax plant.
• Linen is finer, naturally “shiny,” and has more texture than cotton
• Linen requires more ironing and is more prone to wrinkles than cotton
• Cotton is more popular for bedding purposes
• Linen is more expensive than cotton

Detailed Explanations

Linen is a fine fabric that comes from a plant known as flax. The fibers of flax are one of the strongest vegetable fibers and they make linen that is a beautiful, refined and durable fabric. In fact, the fabric is so durable that table covers and napkins go on and on for generations. It is not just durability that linen is known for; it is one fabric that has extreme smoothness and a natural luster that enhances the beauty and elegance of bone china, candles and silver ware used on a dining table. This luster is long lasting and comes from a natural wax content of linen fabric. Natural linen is available in creamy and tan colors though it can be easily dyed in many colors that do not fade even after washing many times.
One disadvantage of linen is that it crushes easily which is why it is not a fabric to be used roughly or daily. Being costly, people keep clothing made of linen for use on ceremonies and functions. Like cotton, linen is highly absorbent and gives a cooling effect when worn in summers.
Cotton comes from cotton plant and mankind has known about the versatility of this wonderful fabric since ancient civilizations. Because it is natural, cotton is suitable for all skin types and is therefore grown in all parts of the world. Not just for clothing, cotton is also used for bed sheets, upholstery and curtains. Cotton fibers are separated from the seeds of cotton through a process called combing afterwards are spun to convert into threads that can be both knitted and woven to manufacture fabrics.
Cotton lends itself to be dyed in all sorts of colors to make beautiful fabrics. Cotton is very versatile and can be used to make sub varieties of fabrics such as corduroys, muslins, flannels etc. No wonder than cotton is referred to as fabric of life. Cotton is a must for use of toddlers and infants as they have very sensitive skins.


Pinspiration to Realization

Found this picture on Pinterest a while ago and I really liked the look. So I have been keeping my eyes peeled while shopping and finally got all of the pieces for my replica. Skirt $7 Gabriel Brothers (like Ross but cheaper), shirt $6 (same), belt fiddy cent (thrift store), just old shoes. I was really happy with the end result.

 Left was the Pinspiration and right was my realization

I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags

My mother-in-law recently found a show that we absolutely LOVE, Flea Market Flip. Teams compete to find items at a flea market then re-do them and sell them for a profit. Today was my first day going to my farmers market and flea market since I found this show, and you know I had to go check out all of the non-food vendors. Discovering my home decor style is something that I really want to do. You know how people say you should surround yourself with things that make you happy? Well I want to do that, I want to start collecting things that really make me happy. Lucky me, I found this cool antique folding chair that I love.

It was priced at $14 but, I hope you know, you never pay what it is priced for. I haggle for anything and everything. So I said, “The folding chair up there, can we work on the price? I have $10 of birthday money in my pocket, but really want that chair.” Without a word the man walked to chair took the price tag off, folded it up and handed to me! SCORE!

The Vanity

I love cheap clothes, I love free clothes even more! And for this reason my closet sometimes becomes cluttered with really cheap, not so great looking, clothing.
The vain part of this journey is deciding what my fashion style is. 
And my fashion style is definitely not this, saggy bottom jeans. I seriously owned like six pairs of jeans that fit me all saggy in the rear. How unflattering. So I have taken upon myself this Spring to clean house and get rid of a ton of clothes that don’t fit any more. My new goal is to only bring clothing into my closet that I really love, clothes that really show who I am. 
On another, non-vain and completely higher living, note jump over to 71 Toes to read a wonderful chapter from the book Choosing Motherhood. It really made me ponder why I wanted to be a mother and it was a wonderful reflection of what it means to be a mother, what you put in and what you get out. 
“What other career could claim as its end-product the elevation of a human soul?  Not just the enlightening of a mind or the development of a body, but the improvement of every aspect of a vibrant child of God?”

And to make you laugh: The other day we were visiting my husband’s work, the ER, and my son saw a cancer patient with a head scarf on being wheeled in a chair. Lucky for me Kaceroony is sorta hard to understand if you don’t know him well, because he started to excitedly say while pointing, “A pirate, a pirate!” I just smiled and said, “yes a wheelchair.”