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Wedding Announcement

My husband has two siblings getting married in one months time. It will be crazy for my in-laws but a lot of fun too, it is great to be adding two new people to our family. I had a great learning opportunity to design his sister’s wedding announcement.

(Personal information was changed to protect their privacy.)

I used Adobe Indesign and Illustrator to design this. There was a lot to learn but as I already told you back here, I love learning and having an opportunity to increase my knowledge and skills.

So thanks to Jess and Adam for trusting me with this. 


Giving Up

Two years ago I was in a sort of dark place emotionally. My poor, wonderful, amazing mother got an interesting Mother’s Day card that year with this original poem in it. I say my “poor” mother because it was somewhat more of a self reflection than an outward observance, but some of the points I did think about her too. Anyway, like I said it was a little bit of a dark place for me, but I guess they say that some artist do their best work depressed.

So happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers out there. And to all you mother figures out there, a valiant woman’s influence is invaluable to whatever degree you interact with children and shape their lives.

I love being a motherĀ  and have sure grown over the years with this responsibility and truly feel blessed to have my children’s love in my life. And I am so grateful for all of the wonderful women in my life who have served as the best role models I could hope for, my mother Peggy, my Grandma’s, Patty and Nola, my two wonderful sisters, Micah and K’Leena, my aunts, youth leaders, teachers and friends.